What is Wedge Grind?

Wedge grind refers to the removal as well as modification of material from the club’s sole in order to increase contact with the turf.

Illustration of relief edge grind, heel grind, heel & toe grind, and S-shaped grind - primary image
Illustration of relief edge grind, heel grind, heel & toe grind, and S-shaped grind

What is wedge grind?

A wedge grind is a term that describes the shape of the sole on a golf club's wedges. Wedge grinds come in two main types: "sole" and "wedge." Sole grinds are flatter soles with little to no bounce, while wedge grinds have more bounce and create more spin when they make contact with the ground. Wedge grinds also come in different degrees, depending on how much bounce they have from 1 degree all the way up to 56 degrees.

Many wedge manufacturers grind the soles of their wedges to tailor each club to specific playing styles or surfaces. A heel grind, for example, removes material from the wedge's heel, allowing you to open the face for extra high flop shots.

Which wedge grind is right for you?

Unlike wedge loft or bounce angle, which are concrete measurements and consistent from manufacturer to manufacturer, sole grinds can be brand-specific. While all heel grinds provide the same general type of shot-making flexibility, you may prefer one manufacturer's heel grind over another.

Once you've determined your preferred grind you might consider working with a clubfitter to find the right setup tailored to your swing. Whether you play on hard, fast greens and fairways or soft, slow surfaces, understanding how sole grinds affect your shots is the first step in developing a winning wedge game.

Check out this description of wedge grind for picking out a wedge:

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