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Best Golf Grips for Improved Swing Control and Comfort

Discover the best golf grips for improved swing control and comfort. Explore our top picks from leading brands to elevate your game.

by Jake Tingey & Judd Lyon · Updated: 1/9/24

Golf is a game of precision and control, where minor details can majorly impact performance. One such detail is the choice of golf grips—the interface between the player's hands and the club. Grips provide tactile feedback for a golfer to execute shots confidently and consistently. Over time, advancements in materials and design have led to an array of grip options tailored to different weather conditions, hand sizes, and personal preferences.

Choosing the proper golf grip is crucial for any golfer looking to improve their game. Factors to consider include grip size, material, and texture. The grip size affects hand action; a grip too small may encourage too much movement, while a grip too large can limit it. Materials range from rubber compounds to synthetics and corded fabrics, delivering various levels of feel and tackiness. The texture of a grip can offer additional traction and comfort or be smoother for those who prefer less friction.

When purchasing, it's important to assess one's needs, such as hand size, playing conditions, and typical weather patterns. For instance, golfers in wet climates might look for grips with exceptional moisture management. The grip's durability should also be considered to ensure longevity and sustained performance over time.

Our extensive research and hands-on testing across various grip types have led us to pinpoint the ones that stand out in comfort, control, and reliability. Whether you're a seasoned pro or an amateur enthusiast looking to refine your gear, our findings aim to set you up for success.

Top Golf Grips for Enhancing Your Game

When elevating your golf play, having the right grip on your clubs is as crucial as mastering your swing. We've scoured the market and tested many options to present you with a selection of golf grips that promise improved feel, stability, and performance. Whether you're playing in wet or dry conditions, our curated list addresses various needs and preferences to help enhance your overall game.

SuperStroke CounterCore Weight

SuperStroke CounterCore Weight

We find the SuperStroke CounterCore Weight can transform your putter's balance and feel significantly, making it a solid choice for serious golfers.



We've recently had the chance to fit the SuperStroke CounterCore Weight onto our putter, and the results were quite revealing. The installation process was swift and straightforward; the weight screws into the grip quickly without much hassle. When on the green, we noticed our putter felt more stable and guided during the stroke.

The CounterCore technology shined during use, particularly regarding how the putter felt in our hands. There was a noticeable difference in control, which could be a game-changer for golfers struggling with their putting stroke. Even better, the ability to adjust the balance to one's liking with an easily installable weight is a great touch.

However, a point to consider for prospective buyers is the compatibility of this weight. It's essential to ensure you have the right grip model, as it solely fits the +PLUS SERIES SuperStroke offers. Also, some may find the additional cost for a weight to be a slight drawback, especially if on a tight budget.

In summary, our experience with the SuperStroke CounterCore Weight was very positive. This addition is well worth considering for those who already own compatible grips and want to refine their putter's balance. It's a small change that could significantly impact your putting performance.

WINN DRI-TAC 2.0 Grips

WINN DRI-TAC 2.0 Grips

We highly recommend these grips for their improved feel and enhanced performance in varying weather conditions.



We recently had the opportunity to fit our clubs with the WINN DRI-TAC 2.0 MIDSIZE Golf Grips, and our hands immediately felt the difference. A certain confidence comes from a grip that feels just right. The new Winn polymer technology gives us that slip-resistant confidence, even when the rain threatens to dampen our game. The tacky feel never falters, making our swings more secure and controlled.

Our latest round of golf tested these grips, and they delivered. The grips' cushioned comfort meant our hands stayed fresh, even after a full 18 holes. That fatigue that can creep into your fingers? Practically non-existent. Every swing felt as solid as the first, a testament to the grips' high shock absorption abilities.

Last but not least, the grips strike a balance between firmness and comfort. The tapered profile fits naturally in our hands, promoting optimal hand alignment and helping us with consistent grip pressure. For those seeking a midsize grip that offers both performance and longevity, the WINN DRI-TAC 2.0 MIDSIZE is worth consideration despite the slightly higher investment and less variety in color choices compared to some rivals.

Winn DriTac Putter Grip

Midsize Putter Grip

We found the Winn DriTac Putter Grip to enhance our putting game with its comfortable tackiness and midsize design.



Upon wrapping our hands around the Winn DriTac Putter Grip for the first tee, the immediate comfort and tackiness instilled confidence in our stroke. Its rubber compound struck a balance between firmness and cushioning. While pacing the green, the putter felt like an extension of our arms, thanks to the grip's ergonomic pistol shape.

Adjusting to the grip's weight difference was barely noticeable after a few rounds. The heft assisted in stabilizing our putts, providing additional feedback through our swing. We noted the midsize diameter helped maintain a lighter grip pressure, reducing hand strain over an 18-hole round.

By the back nine, the grip's durability was evident. Despite frequent use and exposure to different weather conditions, the Winn DriTac showed no wear. The dark gray color managed to conceal dirt, but we expect to see signs of aging after extended play. Though some may prefer a traditional slim profile, our control and accuracy gains with this midsize grip suggest it's worth a try for those looking to upgrade their putter.

Golf Pride MCC Plus4

Golf Pride MCC Plus4

We find that the MCC Plus4 offers a blend of performance and comfort that could elevate our game significantly.



We can't speak highly enough about the improved stability and accuracy the MCC Plus4 has brought to our swings. Its clever design featuring a giant lower hand encourages a lighter grip pressure and seamlessly adds power to our shots. The new, softer rubber material feels luxurious and durable through rounds of intense play.

The grip performs admirably in different weather conditions; a rainy day on the course is no match for the sure hold it provides. Its moisture resistance keeps the swing consistent and precise, which has become paramount for lowering our scores. The positive reviews echo this sentiment, suggesting our experience is expected.

In the spirit of thoroughness, we want to mention that the grip comes at a premium cost. However, considering the advantages it brings to the table, it is an investment worth making for those serious about their game. Its midsize design might require some adjustment for golfers with smaller hands, and the single-color option might not win over golfers looking for a specific aesthetic. Nonetheless, after a few swings with the MCC Plus4, we're convinced that performance trumps these minor concerns.

To sum up, the Golf Pride MCC Plus4 has had a noticeable impact on our control and comfort during play, making it a grip we'll continue to use and trust for many rounds.

Yamato Midsize Golf Grips

Yamato Golf Grips

If you're looking for a reliable grip that offers comfort and durability, these Yamato golf grips are an excellent choice.



Gripping the club confidently, you'll quickly notice the distinct feel of the Yamato grips. The innovative tread pattern is not just for show; it significantly improves your hold on your club, enhancing your swing’s stability.

After re-gripping our clubs with these, the comfort level was immediate. The rubber material is adept at reducing vibrations, allowing us to play multiple rounds without any discomfort in our hands.

We've yet to test these grips in rainy weather, but they counter perspiration admirably on sunny days. The added traction has been crucial in maintaining control of our swing. We're keen to find out whether these grips can sustain their performance under soggy conditions.

Buying Guide

Grip Material

We consider the grip material to be crucial in our selection process. Generally, rubber and synthetic rubber are famous for their durability and comfort. Players looking for a softer feel may prefer grips with corded fabric or those infused with a material like silicone, which can provide a tackier surface and improved texture for enhanced control.

Material Type Characteristics Weather Suitability
Rubber Durable and Comfortable All-weather
Synthetic Stretch-resistant, varied textures Varies
Corded Enhanced grip in wet conditions Wet-weather
Silicone Soft, Tacky feel Dry-weather

Grip Size

The correct grip size can aid in reducing hand strain and improving the swing path. We recommend:

Grip Firmness

Firmness level impacts feedback and control. A firmer grip often yields more control for precision shots, whereas a softer grip may be more comfortable and forgiving.

Surface Texture

We should pay attention to the surface texture of the grip. Patterns such as ridges or perforations can provide additional traction, essential for maintaining a steady hold on the club, especially in adverse weather conditions.


Grips can have a uniform diameter across their length or be tapered. Tapering affects how the grip feels in the lower hand, potentially impacting wrist action and shot shape. Non-tapered grips promote a lighter grip pressure and more consistent hand placement.

Feedback & Responsiveness

It’s essential to think about how much feedback the grip provides. Some grips are designed to absorb more vibration, offering a smoother feel, while others are constructed to give better responsiveness, which can enhance the player’s feel for the club during the swing.

By carefully analyzing these features, we can make a well-informed decision that improves our game and suits our playing style.

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