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PGA Championship's Wanamaker Trophy: A Symbol of Golfing Excellence

Discover the history and significance of the Wanamaker Trophy, the iconic symbol of excellence in the PGA Championship.

by Jake Tingey & Judd Lyon · Updated: 3/29/23

The PGA Championship is one of the four prestigious major golf tournaments held annually, featuring the world's top golfers vying for the coveted Wanamaker Trophy. As a symbol of golfing excellence, the trophy holds immense significance in the world of professional golf.

The PGA Championship, organized by the Professional Golfers' Association of America, has been held since 1916. The winner of the tournament receives the Wanamaker Trophy, which is named after Rodman Wanamaker, a prominent figure in the early days of professional golf.

The Wanamaker Trophy represents the pinnacle of achievement in professional golf. As one of the major championships, the PGA Championship and its iconic trophy have a storied history and continue to captivate golf fans and players alike.

History of the Wanamaker Trophy

The Wanamaker Trophy has a rich history, with its origins dating back to the early 20th century. It has evolved over the years, and many memorable moments and notable winners have contributed to its prestige.

The Birth of the Wanamaker Trophy

The Wanamaker Trophy is named after Rodman Wanamaker, a successful businessman and sports enthusiast. In 1916, he gathered golf professionals and industry leaders to create the PGA of America and establish the PGA Championship. The trophy was then commissioned to honor the winner of this new tournament.

The Trophy's Transformation Through Time

Initially, the Wanamaker Trophy was a silver cup that stood 2.5 feet tall and weighed 27 pounds. Over time, the trophy has undergone various design changes, and today's version stands an impressive 28 inches tall and weighs approximately 27 pounds.

Unforgettable Moments and Remarkable Winners

Throughout its history, the Wanamaker Trophy has been awarded to some of the greatest golfers of all time. Memorable moments include:

The Wanamaker Trophy continues to be a symbol of golfing excellence, and each year, a new champion adds their name to the prestigious list of winners.

Design and Characteristics of the Wanamaker Trophy

The Wanamaker Trophy is a magnificent piece of artistry, with a design that reflects the prestige and honor of winning the PGA Championship. Its materials and construction further contribute to its status as a symbol of golfing excellence.

The Trophy's Elegant Design and Artistry

The Wanamaker Trophy is an impressive silver cup featuring intricate engravings, including the PGA of America's seal and the names of all past winners. The trophy's lid is adorned with a golfer in mid-swing, while its base is supported by four lions, symbolizing strength and courage.

Materials and Craftsmanship Behind the Trophy

Made from sterling silver, the Wanamaker Trophy boasts excellent craftsmanship, ensuring it remains a stunning and durable symbol of golfing success. The trophy's solid construction and high-quality materials provide that it can be passed down from one champion to the next, withstanding the test of time.

The Wanamaker Trophy's Place in Golf Culture

The Wanamaker Trophy occupies a special place in the hearts of golfers and fans. Its significance extends beyond the PGA Championship, shaping the sport's history, traditions, and emotional landscape.

The Trophy's Role in the PGA Championship and Golf

The Wanamaker Trophy is synonymous with the PGA Championship and the sport of golf itself. Its rich history and association with the game's greatest players have solidified its status as a symbol of achievement and excellence in the world of professional golf.

The Trophy's Emotional Legacy and Lasting Impact

Winning the Wanamaker Trophy is a life-changing moment for any golfer, marking the pinnacle of their professional career. The trophy's legacy endures, with each new champion adding their name to the list of legends who have hoisted the cup in victory. This lasting connection to the sport's greatest moments creates an emotional bond cherished by winners and fans alike.

The Trophy's Place in Golf's Rich History and Tradition

The Wanamaker Trophy is a constant reminder of the rich history and tradition of professional golf. As each new champion adds their name to the list of winners, they become part of the ongoing story of the PGA Championship, further entrenching the trophy's significance in the fabric of the sport.

The Future of the Wanamaker Trophy

As the world of golf continues to evolve, the future of the Wanamaker Trophy may bring changes to its design, presentation, or significance. Regardless of the future, the trophy's legacy will continue to have a profound impact on the PGA Championship and the golfing community.

Future Changes: Trophy Design and Presentation

While the Wanamaker Trophy has undergone design changes in the past, its core elements have remained constant. It's possible that the trophy could see further refinements or alterations in the future, reflecting contemporary tastes and styles. Additionally, the presentation ceremony could evolve, incorporating new elements to enhance the excitement and significance of the event.

The Trophy's Evolving Influence on Golf

The Wanamaker Trophy's future will undoubtedly have a lasting effect on the PGA Championship and the golfing community. As the trophy adapts to the changing landscape of the sport, its legacy will continue to inspire new generations of golfers and fans, further cementing its place in the history and tradition of golf.

Notable Wanamaker Trophy Winners and Moments

The Wanamaker Trophy has been awarded to many iconic golfers, with victories and record-breaking performances that have left an indelible mark on the sport. The trophy has played a significant role in the careers of these exceptional players.

Celebrating Iconic Wins and Record-Breaking Performances

How the Wanamaker Trophy Shapes Golfers' Careers

The Wanamaker Trophy has played a pivotal role in the careers of many legendary golfers, solidifying their status as icons of the sport. For some, winning the trophy has marked the beginning of their rise to fame, while for others, it has been the crowning achievement of an already illustrious career. As the ultimate symbol of golfing excellence, the Wanamaker Trophy remains a cherished goal for professionals worldwide.


The Wanamaker Trophy symbolizes golfing excellence that has captivated players and fans for over a century. Its importance within the PGA Championship and the world of golf cannot be overstated, as it serves as both a cherished prize and a testament to the skill, dedication, and perseverance required to succeed at the highest level of the sport.

From its inception, the Wanamaker Trophy has been at the heart of the PGA Championship, elevating the tournament to the prestigious status it enjoys today. The trophy's association with the greatest golfers in history and its central role in the sport's most memorable moments have made it a revered icon in the world of golf.

The Wanamaker Trophy's enduring appeal lies in its rich history and the powerful emotional connection it fosters between champions, fans, and the game itself. As each new winner adds their name to the list of legends who have hoisted the trophy, the Wanamaker Trophy's legacy grows, inspiring future generations of golfers to pursue their own dreams of golfing excellence.

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