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The Science of Swing: Torque and Kick Point in Golf Shafts

Discover the science behind golf shafts with our in-depth analysis of torque and kick point. Learn how these key factors affect your swing, ball flight, and overall game performance.

by Jake Tingey & Judd Lyon · Updated: 1/8/24

Understanding and leveraging the science behind your golf equipment, particularly the torque and kick point in golf shafts, is crucial for mastering the game. These elements significantly influence your swing dynamics and the ball's flight path.

In-Depth Look at Torque in Golf Shafts

Torque is the rotational resistance of a golf shaft, measured in degrees, indicating how much the shaft will twist during a swing.

The Technical Aspects of Torque

Selecting the Appropriate Torque

The proper torque level is crucial and should match your swing style. A mismatch in torque can lead to issues like slicing or hooking.

Kick Point and Its Impact

The kick point, or flex point, is the shaft section that bends the most during a swing, crucial for determining the ball's trajectory.

Examining Various Kick Points

The Interplay of Torque and Kick Point

A shaft's combination of torque and kick point creates a unique dynamic, affecting both ball flight and swing feel.

Optimizing Torque and Kick Point

Tailoring Your Shaft Selection

Understanding your swing is essential for choosing the right shaft. Consider factors like swing speed and preferred ball flight. A professional custom fitting can enhance this selection, ensuring the shaft complements your swing.

The torque and kick point of a golf shaft are vital for shaping your play. The right combination can significantly improve your performance. In golf, the best equipment is the one that aligns with your natural abilities and goals. Equip yourself with this knowledge for a smarter approach to the game.

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