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Golf Wedge Loft and Distance Chart

See the various loft degrees and distance in yards for each golf wedge type.

by Jake Tingey & Judd Lyon · Updated: 5/2/23

Wedge loft distance - primary image

Confused about what golf wedge loft to use for different distances on the course? Look no further! Our comprehensive golf wedge loft and distance chart breaks down the average distances you can expect to hit with each wedge, from your pitching wedge to your lob wedge. Get the information you need to optimize your golf game and make every shot count.

Golf Wedge Lofts and Distances
Wedge Type Loft (Degrees)Distance (Yards)
Pitching Wedge 44° - 48°90 - 120
Gap Wedge 50° - 52°75 - 100
Sand Wedge 56° - 58°60 - 80
Lob Wedge 60° - 64°60 - 80

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